Welcome to Mobingi Tech Blog, english edition! We actually have a separate blog in Japanese but we wanted to have an english blog as well. This is actually in line with, and part of, our plan to go global. Hopefully, through this blog, we can share bits and pieces of what we have been doing, what are we up to, and what are our plans from a technical perspective. For the more generic and PR-ry (is that even a word?) sort of stuff, you might want to check out our blog here. It’s in Japanese though. Sorry about that.

We are only a small team here at Mobingi. We don’t have a dedicated blogging team. So we might not be able to write posts as frequently as we want but we will try. Onwards, this blog will mostly be about the following:

  • articles about our products: ALM, Wave, and Ripple,
  • architecture posts about our infrastructure in general,
  • plans, maybe lessons learned, for our products from a technical standpoint,
  • and other technical topics related to our business and cloud computing in general.

Finally, we encourage you to respond, add comments, make suggestions and even disagree. Just be mindful of this one caveat:

Please keep comments relevant to the conversations taking place and maintain respect for all those involved.

We hope you’ll be a regular visitor on this blog.

Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of the conversation.


Head of Engineering

For any comments, questions, or feedback, please reach out to us @MobingiTech.